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a Follower, if someone believes that another is superior, usually in strength and intelligence, they will be a follower of that person and indulge in their wishes. This spurs a fistfight between him and Ralph. His walk is slow, for he is exhausted. On their way back boys find a piglet stuck in creepers and Jack is ready to kill it with his knife, but the piglet manages to get free and escapes. After not finding any beasts there, other boys join them, delighted by their new adventure, and want to play here for a while. Jack commands to dance, and everyone joins in, even Ralph and Piggy. The Coral Island (1858) sort, this tale of survival on a tropical island is a description of principal forces driving the development of society and a warning against the evil nesting in each human being. The author even gives him red hair, a sign of evil presence in medieval times. Ralph insists that they should return and maintain their signal fire. Piggy interrupts them by reminding of their purpose.

SparkNotes: Lord of the Flies SparkNotes: Lord of the Flies : A Student, essay

There is a glimmer of truth in each of these readings-the book does deal with fundamental human tendencies-but it is important to remember that the novel's philosophical register is really quite limited-almost entirely restricted to the two extremes represented by Ralph and Jack-and is certainly. Test your knowledge of Lord of the Flies with our quizzes and study questions, or live essay help go further with essays on the context and background and links to the best resources around the web. Jack insists on the need to hunt, and Ralph is firm in his decision to keep the signal fire and build shelters. The novel's structure and style are extremely straightforward and simple, entirely devoted to the story, as opposed to poetic language, description, or philosophical interludes. Jack proposes his hunters as fire tenders. Jack even gladly states that the chorus should become an army or hunters.

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